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Thetford Aria Ii Lo Cp Bone Toilet

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Experience Seat Comfort And Rest With The Thetford Aria Ii Lo Cp Bone Toilet

Imagine you're inside your tiny home. You're sitting on a corner of your dining table with your loved ones.

You savor the flavor of each food and enjoy a hearty meal. 

After a while, you feel something. You knew you need to go to the restroom.

Thanks to your Thetford Aria Ii Lo Cp Bone Toilet, you feel comfortable after a few minutes. You're ready to have a wonderful time and have fun with your family.

How Does The Thetford Aria Deluxe II Give You Comfort?

The Aria Deluxe II is a great addition to your tiny home when you need a taller seat height. Not only does it support your weight, it gives you comfort while sitting.

You won't need to cramp anymore plus you can rest with ease. Enjoy whatever you want to do while you let your worries away. Sit and relax while you lay your feet on the floor.

You'll never feel tired and you can face the day with joy. Give a sigh of relief as you leave the restroom. Feel the comfort as you have more room for another round of delicious meal.

Why should you choose the Thetford Aria Ii Lo Cp Bone Toilet?

  • Electric flush. Need a powerful bowl-cleaning wash? You won't need to exert effort in pumping water from the tank. The electric button does it for you. Simply press to flush. Press and hold to add water. You're off to enjoy your hobbies in less time. 
  • Elongated bowl. Ever wanted to sit with comfort knowing you got all support? This is your toilet. Rest assured you can sit with ease as you enjoy reading or listening to your favorite songs.
  • Durable design. Not only that you have an elegant design, you got a toilet that will last for years. Stay calm knowing you can invest in an all-china toilet with durable performance.
  • Easy install. It's easy to setup. You don't need to sweat. You don't need to hire a plumber because you can do it yourself. 

The Aria Deluxe II Bone toilet lets you experience comfort and rest with its taller seat height. Perfect for your tiny home to unload your burdens.

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